Personal + Small Group Training

I'm not in the business of ripped bodies, I am in the business of people!

The knock on effect of you reaching your optimum health and well-being is not just about the weight you may have lost - it's about how that new found confidence and power effects your life at home, at work and within your relationships. Personal + Small Group training gives you a more personalised experience where we can really hone in on helping you  totally transform into a heightened version of the already wicked(ly good) person you are!

Hey Guys + Girls!

My name is Chris Hujber. I help people regain their confidence and power through fitness and creating a strong mindset. I have this crazy obsession with showing a deep respect to others, and always being a beacon for positivity and putting a smile on someones face. That's the stuff that gets me up in the morning!

At 21, I turned my life savings into my dream career when I decided to leave my apprenticeship as an electrician and pursue my passion for fitness. 15 years later and that investment has helped me live a life of immense fulfillment while I see my clients smashing goals and becoming their best selves. When I'm not busy cheering on my clients, you will find me lapping up the love and cuddles of my kids (most likely at the beach!) and spending time with my partner, seeing the latest movies or heading out for dinner! One of our favourite date night picks!

When you invest in me, you invest in simple, efficient and effective training protocols and nutritional guidance. This allows you the flexibility and balance to enjoy the process and not feel as though you're missing out on the good bits life has to offer. You know, enjoying a meal and drink with friends on a weekend, or that ice-cream at the beach with the kids? We want you making memories and not missing out on the important stuff.

You also invest in 15+ years of experience and knowledge. It makes perfect sense to save yourself all those years of learning, and going straight to the professional to share with you what he knows, right? This means you get to where you want to be faster, by passing all the mistakes and achieving your goals quicker than ever. 

So, let me finish off by asking you a question. And be honest, it's important. 

What are you doing right now in your life that's helping you feel strong in the mind and healthy within your body? Are you empowering yourself everyday, or do you keep telling yourself it's something you'll get to eventually?

Come closer, right, have I got you? Let me tell you a little secret....

If you can commit to three 45-minute training sessions each week as a start (it doesn't have to be with me, I mean, committing to 3 sessions of intentional movement), and roughly 30 minutes each day to prepare healthier food for yourself, I KNOW that you will experience these things immediately:

  • Sore (yes, when you first get those muscles waking up, you will feel sore), but you know what else...

  • Liberated

  • Proud

  • A sense of achievement

  • In control

  • A shrinking waste line

  • Boosted productivity... your boss is impressed (or maybe you work for yourself and your sales start to rise!)

  • Better sleep at night

  • Suddenly you're happier around other people... and they notice!

  • Decreased risk of many diseases and disorders

  • You're more fun to be around

Do you see how being your healthiest self allows you to be your very best self? And that's what I am all about. Seeing you shine and being SO much more than your appearance. Literally owning how awesome you are, and taking care of yourself is just the beginning of it all, and I want to be that coach that helps you realise your true potential. I hope that would be okay with you, because I'm ready for ya! Flick me an email here to get the conversation started, and to see if we'd be a great trainer/client fit!