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all the benefits of personal training

at a fraction of the cost

I'm here for you every step of the way

I'm not in the business of ripped bodies, I am in the business of people

The knock on effect of you reaching your optimum health and well-being is not just about the weight you may have lost - it's about how that new found confidence and power effects your life at home, at work and within your relationships. BBC (Bodies by Chris) Online Coaching gives you a personalised experience from a distance where we can really hone in on helping you totally transform into a heightened version of the already wicked(ly good) person you are! Sound good? Good! Let's keep chatting.

How does online coaching work?

Once you purchase one of my online training programs you will be sent a nutrition, exercise + lifestyle questionnaire to help me better understand your current situation and your goal (and where that mighty mind of yours is at too!) My program consists of helping you understand your macros, and giving you your breakdown, customised workout and cardio plan, mindset shifts we can make and easy swaps we can incorporate along with 24/7 personal support from me directly, as well as a designated 'check-in' day for me to adjust your plan across nutrition and training.


In order for you to get results from your program, you must answer all the questions in the questionnaire in full detail and with honesty. The more information you provide me with the easier it will be to help you achieve your goals.  

You will be responsible for contacting me directly on a weekly basis to let me know your updates and progress. I encourage all clients to take advantage of that tool, I am your trainer and I can not help you if you do not inform me (and I really want to help you!)


You will be communicating with me personally - not an assistant, and these programs are not a one size fits all.


My goal is to get you in amazing shape both physically and mentally in the fastest - yet safest way, possible! I also want to help you to sustain your new body for the long term!

I will be here for you every step of the way.

How long will it take for me to receive my plan from you once I sign up to my program?

Once I receive your request to commence your coaching, it will take my approximately 24 hours to send you your direct debit online form and your questionnaire. 

Once I receive your direct debit sign up, and questionnaire answered in full detail (including before pictures), it will generally take me approximately 24-48 hours to have your plan sent to you. 

I don't have to have a gym membership for this do I? Can I do this from home instead?

Yes, you can. Depending on what you put in your questionnaire, I will be able to customise your plan to suit what equipment you have access to. Basic equipment like a few kettlebells or dumbbells would be ideal but not necessary to get the end result.

Does Online Coaching actually work?

Of course! Absolutely! A big big YES! 

I have worked as a Personal Trainer for over 12 years and have the experience and tools to help you understand how to eat and train effectively to get the results you desire. Best of all, I am NOT about quick fixes or crazy fad diets - I can help you keep your results for life. 

If you dedicate yourself 100% to the plan I design for you, I can guarantee you will be ecstatic with the results you achieve!

What are the differences between your online coaching programs?

The only real difference is the time frames! I offer 4 week and 12 week programs and which one you pick is really dependant on your goals and how long you realistically need to achieve them.

Do you offer tasters of your plans?

Due to all plans being fully customised to your personal goals, no I don't. As I wouldn't be giving you something geared towards your personal goals, body type etc and that can do more damage than good.

Do I get to do 1-on-1 Training with you?

Unfortunately, no. Online coaching is exactly that - online. All correspondence will be done via email and phone. However, if you'd like face to face training with me, and you live locally, please contact me to chat further.

Can I drink alcohol or eat any of my favourite foods?

The hard truth is, alcohol consumption will ultimately slow down your progress and the goal your chasing will just seem further and further away. However, everything in moderation - I would recommend 1-2 drinks TOPS each week to make sure you're on track to reach your goals. 

In regards to favourite foods, absolutely!

This is why I get you to fill out the questionnaire at the beginning. We need to hit certain macro and micronutrients, but as long as these are hit and you're eating the amounts of calories to hit your goals - we can work in 'treats' with your eating. 

But I'm 'skinny', but i'm 50 years+, but I'm obese... can you really help me?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that all of these 'challenges' require personalised care - which I offer. Being the 'skinny' guy or girl means you have a fast metabolism and we need to get you eating more if you want to put on muscle. If you're older, it just means we are working with a slowing metabolism, and if you're overweight or severely overweight, it means we need to safely reduce your intake and encourage movement to get you results. 

If you follow my advice, and have clearance from a doctor, I can help you.

Do you offer Refunds?

I have a strict no refund policy. By offering a refund it's like giving you a free ticket to quitting - and the reason you have come to me in the first place, is because you wanted to make a change. 

And I'm committed to achieving those results with you. My programs are for people serious about making lasting changes, and I know that if you follow my advice 100%, you will get there. Anything less, then you can only expect results less than what you were hoping for. 


Are you ready to change your body? Your life? Your mindset? Get in touch below, and let's get you started!

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