hey there!

I'm Chris Hujber

I'm an expert fitness trainer, quite the nerd when it comes to correct technique, and my obsession is helping others live their best life through physical movement and a strong mindset (while living a balanced life!)

A Sydney raised third dan blackbelt, personal trainer, business owner and father, my happiest days are spent  educating my clients, and spending time at the beach with my wife and kids.

I never knew that this was where the fitness industry would take me: helping over 100 clients face-to-face weekly, to build better health and confidence, the filled diary with bookings, launching an online shop to share my workout secrets with the world to reach and help more people. I thought I had landed my dream job the minute I got my very first client 14-years ago.  

At the age of 21, I invested all of my savings in obtaining my Fitness Certificate qualifications. Little did I know, that leap of faith would be my one-way ticket out of my dreaded job as an apprentice electrician. That single investment and belief in what I knew I really loved lead me to the ever-growing company that I run (with my kick-ass wife) today that provides fulfilment beyond measure (we get to help people regain their confidence, health and vitality! YES!) 

Today you can find me - in a lot of places! This line of work allows me to train people in the gym, at my local park near a beautiful marina, at schools and I also spend time at home working on our online business while I get to be surrounded by my wife and children.

I am known for my plethora of animated facial expressions, cheeky laugh, terrible Dad jokes and contagious passion when I speak about business and the ones I love most. Seeing my clients kicking goals and owning their confidence, playing with my kids and seeing them smile and supporting my wife with her wild dreams and goals for Body Culture Australia is what makes me feel like I am serving the world and those around me in a positive way.

In those rare moments when I'm truly not busy (did I mention I have 2 young children, too? Parents...are we ever truly not busy?), I am most likely kicking back with a cider (yes, you can be lean and fit and occasionally have a drink too - can you believe it?) and dreaming about all the ways I can serve the world in a bigger way; helping other personal trainers find the happy place we have in the industry and enjoying a successful business with expertly designed resources and creating effective programs that are efficient and effective to give people their power back when it comes to their bodies and confidence.

You want to know what lights me up? Making people feel, own and celebrate their power and to feel like someone has their back. Sometimes the journey to true contentment with our health, bodies and mental wellbeing can be a confusing and lonely one. So, if I can be that person that whispers 'you totally got this' and give you the permission to shine when the rest of society is telling you to feel otherwise... then I know my job has been done. 

My Quiz Results

yep, we're having some fun!

1. If you could eat one food for the rest of your life it would be:

Veal Snitzel + Rice

2. The best title i have is:



Star Trek


Michael Jackson


Apple Cider

6. on my days off, the first thing i do is:

 Sleep in a little

7. MY go-to comfort clothes are:

Peter Alexander PJ's

8. someday i want to:

Take my family to America

9. i am deathly afraid 


10. my wife can be described as:

My Rock