A program designed with both kids & parents in mind. Easing the holiday guilt and getting our little legends fit, healthy & happy!





Ahhh, the bitter sweetness of school holidays - the break in routine is amazing, but keeping the kids entertained, active & happy can be a challenge at times. We often feel guilty allowing them screen time and while a little isn't harmful - too much and we see a shift in their behaviour. 

Navigating the world of parenting today's generation is unlike anything we have ever seen before. It's hard. Really hard! This season of life raising children is oftentimes confusing, and we are left feeling like we've failed and desperate for ways to do the best for our kids and still get out there to grow our dreams (and pay the bills)! We totally get it, being parents ourselves, we are right there going through all of this along with you.

This is why we created the Little Legends Program, offering a holiday solution to busy parents who want their kids to remain healthy, happy & social. So, what can you expect? Something a little different than usual as we have had to adapt our offering due to COVID-19.

  • 1 booking time (8.45am-3.15pm) to enable us to cap bookings to 28 to allow for our trainers as well. The Oyster Bay Community Hall has advised that this is our limit.

  • Prices that remain very competitive when compared to other holiday activities

  • A day filled with activities that get your kids moving, imagining and playing

  • Tech-free zone

  • NEW CONDITION DUE TO COVID-19: BYO Lunch & Snacks. To further ensure the safety of your children when attending, we have removed the supply of lunch & snacks to decrease any touching of surfaces and food. We do however, ask that to keep with the theme of the day that food supplied for your children is healthy and energising to support their activities during the day, You will also notice a new LOWER daily fee for your child/ren.

We will always keep each day different, but some of the popular activities we do are:

  • Karate / Self Defence

  • Disco & Dancing

  • Fitness Challenges 

  • Games

  • Activities are done both indoors & outdoors

  • Whiteboard points challenge to win a prize at the end of the day! 


You can go and do what you have to do and know that your children are in safe hands - doing what kids do best: Having fun, making friends and getting active!