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45-minute outdoor training sessions

Our Outdoor Group Fitness was designed with YOU in mind. You know... busy working hard, being a parent, a great friend... doing ALL the things, right?


When you train with us, you are investing in:

  • Yourself - first and most importantly!

  • A safe, judgement free environment (the way it should be - no mirrors? How refreshing!) 

  • An outdoor location, with fresh air + amazing views (Como Marina sunrises + sunsets!)

  • Coaches that truly care about you, LOVE being a part of your progress + just as importantly, make sure that you're having fun with your training too!

  • Other like-minded individuals that understand the busy daily grind, and that love to come and train to improve their health and work towards goals alongside you (and you cheer each other on, too - how awesome is that?).

  • Training with BCA is also your 'time out' zone, a place to work hard, but also 'unwind' (well, not the relax unwind... but you know what we mean...)

The friendships that have been formed through our growing community is something we are super proud of and excited about, and we want to see this continually grow. We believe it builds a solid foundation from which our clients can truly thrive as a person, and totally crush their health and fitness goals and aspirations with us cheering them right on!

Our experiences in boot camp training include a focus on core strength, cardiovascular fitness, stamina, agility, functional movement patterns, weight/strength based training and anaerobic training. The unique 45-minute programs we've developed will help burn calories, boost the metabolism, build strength, promote fat loss and improve your overall health. A combination of strategic exercises as well as a healthy diet will have you in tip top shape. The best part? Feeling in control of your health allows you to be in control of your life. Feel confident in your work, your role as a Mum or Dad and within the other important relationships in your life. Being fit and healthy offers more than just a trim waistline. It gives you your power back.

You can expect to take part in RunFit (our Monday night special), MMA, Boxing (Hit Em' Up), Weights/Strength Training, HIIT/Metcon, Metabolic Resistance Training, Team/Partner Work, Fun Games + more.

where do WE run these sessions we hear you ask?

​We run 13 sessions each week at Como Pleasure Grounds, Como. Sutherland Shire, NSW.

Coffee Saturday's... Yes please!

Saturday training is about the only time all week our busy clients and parents might have some spare time after our session to duck up to the local cafe in Jannali for a coffee (or tea)​ to have a proper catch up (remember we said amazing friendships are formed when you train with like minded people?) So expect to feel a part of more than just a fun and challenging workout group - you will be made to feel like a close friend! This leads us to our next point...


We believe in our growing community of BCA so much, that we offer a 14-day FREE trial of our training sessions, which you can claim by clicking here


We might be a small business, but without the power of word of mouth and our much loved clients spreading the fitness love to their friends and family, we wouldn't continue to grow like we have. So, when someone you refer joins us - you get 4 FULL WEEKS of FREE training. Yep, you read that right. We like to highlight WEEKLY WARRIORS that have turned up to all booked sessions and given it their all. THEN, a MONTHLY MARVEL! 


Unlimited access to all sessions each week


$27 / week


$44 / week

* Couples pricing is for those in a relationship, or living together sharing the same finances. This could be a parent paying for their child living in the same house, or a spouse.



Mon | Tues | Wed | Thurs | Fri 6:00am

Sat 6:15am

Mon | Wed | Fri 6:50am


Mon 7:00pm (RunFit) | Tues 6:30pm | Thurs 6:30pm

All sessions are 45 minutes

I'm Chris Hujber

I'm an expert fitness trainer, quite the nerd when it comes to correct technique, and my obsession is helping others live their best life through physical movement and a strong mindset (while living a balanced life!)

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